Doll Carrier

Monday, June 9, 2014

I started this Oliver + S doll carrier a couple of weeks ago at my "Sew Martha Sew" sewing night that I hold with a group of fellow "Martha's", and I finally got it finished this weekend.  The pattern is from the Oliver + S book "Little Things to Sew", which I bought recently.  The doll carrier (or bear carrier as it is called in the book) was the reason I bought the book, having seen it many times on various blogs around town, but now that I have it I want to make everything in it - which happens frequently to me. Everything in the book is super cute and each pattern is rated using a one-to-four scissor system - one scissor being Beginner, two scissors Advanced Beginner etc so you know before you start what level you need to be before you attempt a project. The doll carrier is rated 2 scissors, and apart from stumbling at the very first instruction, the pocket (which was nothing to do with the pattern and all to do with me ... too much talking, not enough focus and basically just being a bit "blonde" on the night), the instructions and diagrams are all very clear and it was a pleasure to make, which I'm pretty sure is what Oliver + S patterns are known for.

The fabric I chose for the main part of the carrier, a deer print cotton duck, was probably an unusual choice for a little girl's doll carrier but I just loved it the moment I laid eyes on it and I decided I would use it regardless of it being a bit on the different side.  The pink polkadot fabric for the straps just happened to be from the same Buzoku Duck collection, although I didn't realise that until I got home and read the selvedge.  The lining and the pocket trim is a cotton chevron fat quarter.  And just for an added bit of fun and colour, I added two sets of bright yellow buttons to the straps.  I thought I may as well keep the eclectic theme going!

We road-tested the carrier on the weekend and it held up very well.  My daughter ran in it, she skipped in it, she climbed in it, she laid down to feed the ducks in it (forgetting about the "baby" strapped to her chest!) and she fell over in it - and apart from grazed hands and a scratch to her baby, all went very well and, oh my goodness, did she look cute! 

 I can see that this little carrier will be joining us on many more walks and "adventures", and no doubt will come in very handy during our upcoming trip to Canada where there will be lots of walking, excursions and general excitement - and we all know how tiring that can be for little dollies!


  1. My little girls would LOVE this. They're all about carrying their dolls around. I need to pull out my sewing machine and give the pattern a try. I'm afraid it wouldn't turn out all that well. : / I'd be thrilled if you'd link up at this week's Off the Hook!

    1. Hi Lauren - yes, my little girl loves it too. What little girl wouldn't? I love your blog and have linked up in the past. And, thanks, I just linked up again! Have a great week, and thanks for stopping by! x

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    1. Thanks Trishie - you'll just have to have a little girl of your own so you can make one!! x

  3. Oh see - that deer print looks absolutely divine you clever chick. I dont think I can get enough of that print xx