Little on Project, Big on Love

Monday, June 18, 2012

I am going away for a week with my beautiful Mum & sister for some long over-due R & R (thanks Mum!) and will be leaving my babies at home with their wonderful Dadda ... eek!  I am totally, crazily looking forward to it and have been day-dreaming endlessly about the massage's, the sleep-in's (!!!), the book reading by the pool, the shopping, the uninterrupted night-time sleeping and the pampering, and within days I will be living it first hand - sigh.  BUT, and you totally knew there was a "but" coming, didn't you?  I am nervous and apprehensive about leaving my kids.  In five years, I have been away from my son only a handful of times, and mostly only overnight stays - never 7! My daughter is now 17 months and we haven't been apart at all.  So ... apart from being a blubbering mess when I say good-bye to them, I am going to miss them like crazy, pine for them and no doubt cry for them when I, if I'm brave enough, Skype them (which come to think of it is probably a silly idea - I'll get upset, they'll get upset and, well, that's no fun, is it?). 

Anyway, during "a bit of quiet" today, I decided to print off seven short bedtime stories, one for each night I am away, for my husband to read to them. 

I won't tell them about it - it'll be a nice surprise for them at bedtime.  I have finished each story with a personalised goodnight message so although I won't be there myself, they will each night get a little something from me and I'll hopefully feel a little more relaxed knowing they are heading off to dreamland with a loving message from their Mummy.

So, only a little project today but without doubt, big on LOVE.  Mwah.

Oh Boy

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My sister recently gave birth to her third little bubba and because she was booked in for a scheduled caesarean and I knew she was having a girl, I whipped her up these little lovelies at my sewing class (Miss Mary's classes - have you heard of them? Soooooo fantastic. If you live in the Perth area and want to know more - the night before. Very last minute, I know.

Burp cloth & bib (with "Anastasia May" looking on all whimsical-like)

All wrapped and ready.  I sometimes call myself "Maple Handmade" - just because I like the sound of it!
The next day I was ready and waiting to meet my new niece, when I got the call to say "Nash" had arrived ... a beautiful, healthy, gorgeous BOY!  What?  Uh oh. Why did I think I knew it was a girl?  I have absolutely no idea - it made no sense and was so completely dumb. Anyway, I had some fast "making up" to do so I raced home to throw all the pink & green girly fabric back in the basket and swap it for something much more masculine.  What I found was perfect - some lightweight denim and a red gingham check.  I figured I had to do something pretty special and something very obviously "Nash".  This is what I came up with ...

Personalised Bloomers
(Sorry about the quality of the pic - I was too lazy to get the big girl out so used my i-Phone instead!)
His very own personalised bloomers ... phew, there'll be no getting it wrong again from this silly Aunty.  Sorry Nash.

Tea-towel Totes

Sunday, June 3, 2012

So, I started with these ...

I did a real little bit of this ...

And then, as if by magic, I ended up with these ...

Super-cool, huh?  Well, okay, maybe not by "magic" but they were so easy to make and I finished them in no time at all so it almost felt like magic!  They are made from tea-towels - I know, how cute is that?  I would've scored serious "cool" points if they were recycled tea-towels but unfortunately not these babies - I did, however, get them in the Freedom sale a couple of weeks ago for $1.98 each.  Seriously, how can you walk by that little deal?  And, how handy are totes?  Take them to the market and fill them with fresh produce, to an antique fair to stash away your cute collectibles, a quick trip to the shop for bread and milk (which I do just about every day!) or throw one in your suitcase when you go on holiday - they take up zero room.  Love it - ultra cheap, simple to make, good-looking and all for a tad over $4.  Win, win & win!

The "Reversible Dish Towel" pattern is from the "Craftsy" site (which I have just discovered and LOVE), it was definitely a pleasure to sew, the instructions were clear and easy and I will for sure be making more of these bags soon.  And one more time just for smiles ...

Until my next project ...