Oh Boy

Saturday, June 16, 2012

My sister recently gave birth to her third little bubba and because she was booked in for a scheduled caesarean and I knew she was having a girl, I whipped her up these little lovelies at my sewing class (Miss Mary's classes - have you heard of them? Soooooo fantastic. If you live in the Perth area and want to know more - www.missmary.com.au) the night before. Very last minute, I know.

Burp cloth & bib (with "Anastasia May" looking on all whimsical-like)

All wrapped and ready.  I sometimes call myself "Maple Handmade" - just because I like the sound of it!
The next day I was ready and waiting to meet my new niece, when I got the call to say "Nash" had arrived ... a beautiful, healthy, gorgeous BOY!  What?  Uh oh. Why did I think I knew it was a girl?  I have absolutely no idea - it made no sense and was so completely dumb. Anyway, I had some fast "making up" to do so I raced home to throw all the pink & green girly fabric back in the basket and swap it for something much more masculine.  What I found was perfect - some lightweight denim and a red gingham check.  I figured I had to do something pretty special and something very obviously "Nash".  This is what I came up with ...

Personalised Bloomers
(Sorry about the quality of the pic - I was too lazy to get the big girl out so used my i-Phone instead!)
His very own personalised bloomers ... phew, there'll be no getting it wrong again from this silly Aunty.  Sorry Nash.

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