Monday, February 15, 2016

DIY Hoop Mobile

My daughter has been asking for a mobile above her bed for about a year now.  Trouble is, she's five years old and most of the mobiles on sale are for babies and not really suitable for a "big girl" room.  So, because I'm a try-hard "Martha", we set about making our own.  I had wanted to use some of her old baby clothes for something creative - instead of giving them away or shoving them in a box never to be looked at again - and at first I thought I would use them in a quilt for her but then I quickly realized that because I'm not a very good hoarder (i.e not very sentimental when it comes to clothes), I didn't have enough for a decent sized quilt.  I did, however, have enough to use in a mobile.  And so the Hoop Mobile was born! 

I started cutting up her clothes (which was surprisingly hard for me to do) before I had checked that my mobile idea would even work.  I was actually very nervous because it could've easily gone a bit pear-shaped and then I'd be left with no clothes, no mobile and bits of baby clothes everywhere!  And I really had no idea what I was doing - I just added fabric to various shaped embroidery hoops (which I bought online from Etsy), strung them together randomly (there was no measuring or accuracy involved at all) using white embroidery floss and then tied the completed lengths to two bits of dowel that I'd painted white and tied together.  It took a bit of jiggling and jaggling (I'm sure that's a word) to get the mobile balanced once hung but because everything was just knotted on, it was easy to slide the string wherever it needed to be to get it sitting right.  

Thankfully, it came to together just how I had imagined it would (this quite often doesn't happen), which delighted both me and my daughter.  Phew.  I didn't take any photos during "construction" (in the back of my mind I must've thought it wasn't going to work!) but here it is - in all its cuteness ...

Ah, embroidery hoops - I love them.  Have you ever used them for something other than embroidering?

Monday, May 4, 2015

Fragrant Clay Hearts

We love playing with clay in our house.  Our clay of choice is air-dried because it's easy to use and doesn't require any baking.  The kids have made many a clay ornament in the past and I've made myself a few pretty little bowls for rings, hair-ties etc.  

This weekend we decided to try something a bit different.  We made little clay hearts (and other shapes) and added a few drops of essential oil to the back so it becomes a scented clay heart - perfect for hanging in the wardrobe, in the car or anywhere you'd like to add a subtle fragrance.  We thought these would be a perfect gift for Mother's Day.

All you need is:

Air-dried Clay (or salt dough but I've never made it so stuck with clay)
Rolling Pin 
Cookie Cutter (or just free-style)
Acrylic Paint & Brushes
Essential Oil

Roll out your clay to the desired thickness (we made a variety of thicknesses so it doesn't really matter - just don't make them too thin otherwise they may break). Use your cookie cutter to cut out a shape (or just free-style a design).  Smooth out any edges if you want to.  Get a toothpick or the end of a thin paint brush and poke a hole in the clay for the ribbon to hang. 

Wait for the clay to dry - we left ours overnight - and then paint the next day.  

Make sure you leave an unpainted patch at the back of the tag for the essential oil to seep in.  

Once the paint is dry add a few drops (or 10!) of essential oil to the back and thread through your ribbon.  

And that's it.  A beautifully scented, home-made, hand-made air freshener for the kids to gift to you, their Nanny, their teacher, a friend, or even just make for themselves.  

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Crafting with CleverPatch

When I was contacted recently by CleverPatch and asked if I wanted to "have a play" with their crafty products I, of course, jumped at the opportunity and expected to be sent maybe one or two things from them.  Within a couple of weeks a large box arrived by courier and when the kids and I opened it, it was absolutely full of loveliness ... craft loveliness. It just happened to be the weekend and so with time up our sleeve we were eager to begin the "roadtest" journey.

My 4 year old chose to do the Sun Catcher CleverKit - an all-in-one kit to make a pretty, mirrored sun catcher.  Apart from the knots she was able to assemble it herself - she even managed to add the provided sticky dots to the little mirrored pieces and squish them together.  It is now hanging on our dining window to catch the light streaming in while we are eating dinner.  This is a fun, easy project and would make a great gift for a teacher or a grandparent - and one that little kids can make mostly on their own, which is always important to them.

She also made the Foam Flower Frame Magnet CleverKit - this one is super-quick and super-easy and comes together in a few minutes.  All I needed to do was find a photo for her to use and it was done.  A colourful, quirky little photo frame for your fridge.

My son (7) was busting to use the Glass & Porcelain Markers on the Porcelain Mug so I gave him free rein to do whatever he liked (this is very hard for me to do ... I tend to like to "offer" my ideas but he would have none of it and as you can probably tell his ego personality shone through on this one!).  

The markers are water-based so whatever you do can easily be washed off and removed.  If you decide you kinda like your design and want to make it permanent then you just need to bake in the oven for 90 minutes on 160 degrees.  (You know, a bit like those plates from the '80's that you did at school - mine has my friends names plastered all over it and some drawings of the Flintstones!  My Mum still has those plates, bless her.  Now your kids can create something similar, for you!). The markers are also handy for leaving little love notes around the house for certain individuals who don't like to brush their teeth at night ...

My son also put together the little Bead Bookworm Clever Kit.  I asked him to read the instructions and see if he could follow them by himself but he needed my help to understand them.  We worked on the bookworm together and were both really happy with the end result.  A really cute little bookmark for his much loved Geronimo Stilton book.  This was probably my favourite Clever Kit and one that I think all kids would love - boy or girl.

We still have a pile of fabulous marker pens and crayons, and one more Clever Kit (the Dreamcatcher), to roadtest so watch this space - I'm sure you'll see some CleverPatch products making an appearance here again.

If you get a chance, check out CleverPatch's website - they have over 4,000 products (anything and everything craft-related, seriously - it is a one-stop shop), there is a fabulous area for parents where you can access a great Ideas section (I love this - you don't need to come up with craft ideas yourself, just steal theirs!), they have a "Happiness Promise" (c'mon that's reason enough!) and they are an Australian-owned business.  One of my favourite things from CleverPatch, though, has to be their "Naturals" range - they have things like sustainably farmed botanicals (seed pods, pine cones, cinnamon slices etc), a garden section with tools, seeds and planters and lots of different natural textiles to play with.  Their range is amazingly comprehensive, thoughtfully put together and really does inspire "ideas to grow".

I do think their CleverKits are a great little "surprise" to have on hand - for days when boredom strikes and you need to "whip something up" with the kids.  You don't need to hunt around or shop for all your supplies - they are all in the kit, making it an easy, no-fuss project. Everyone wins.

It was a pleasure road-testing their fun products and I know I will be visiting them again soon, after all it won't be long before my son will want to do more mugs - you know, considering he's also a football legend, lacrosse legend, fishing legend ...

Disclaimer:  I was not paid to write this post but was offered craft products by CleverPatch to have some fun with.  Fun was had and in appreciation I am sharing my experience and spreading the crafty word. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Recipe File (including free printable cards)

 One of the lovely things about our recent 6-month stint in Canada was spending a lot of time with family and getting to know them all over again.  We stayed right next door to my in-laws so the "pop in" was a daily occurrence and we all loved it.  My teenage niece spent quite a lot of time with us (my daughter very quickly became her shadow) and she was often around at dinner time or while I was cooking.  She began to ask me for recipes and was showing a real interest in learning how to cook.  I was secretly ecstatic that someone liked my food and wanted my recipes!

When Christmas rolled around I knew exactly what I was going to buy her - a recipe box or file so that she could begin her own recipe collection and at the same time encourage her to experiment with cooking and trying new recipes.  When we first arrived in Canada I saw at least three gorgeous little boxes and files specifically for recipes.  I remember thinking, "I'm definitely going to grab a couple of these for take-home gifts", but I didn't right then and there because I was going to be around for six months so there was no hurry.  Of course, by the time I actually wanted to buy one of them you know what happened, don't you?  There were none.  I went to Chapters, to Walmart, to Michaels and to Target - but, no, there were none to be found.  I had my heart set on a recipe file.  I wanted to give her something meaningful and something that thought had gone into - plus she had asked me for recipes and I didn't want to just jot them down on a bit of paper.  You know where I'm going with this, right?  There wasn't a whole bunch of time - I think it was about a week before Christmas - but I decided I would make one for her.  And so I set to it. (I will apologise in advance for the quality of my photos - it was dark, it was late and my camera just wasn't loving me.  She doesn't take well to being rushed.)

I grabbed a lovely, bright blue Martha Stewart A5 file, some A5 file dividers, A5 plastic sleeves, a Martha Stewart book-plate pack and designed 5 different cards for her.  I went with categories of Meat, Pasta, Vegetarian, Dessert and Treats (because she loves her treats!) - keeping it very simple and choosing categories based around what she would probably cook the most.

In spite of the rush, it turned out better than I expected and was a pleasure to put together.  I bought a few little bits to go with it - measuring cups, wooden spoon etc - and packaged it up with a silver ribbon.

It was a hit with my niece.  She asked me to print out more cards before we left and has since asked for my lasagna recipe. Bless her - she knows how to make this Aunty feel good!  And when she comes to visit in a few years I'll be expecting her to cook for me ... which was secretly the plan all along!

If you'd like to make up your own file or box, feel free to download my cards and corresponding divider labels.

Enjoy. x

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Gift Idea - White Chocolate Rocky Road (with Printable Gift Tag)

This is one of my "go to" Christmas gifts for teachers, friends, family, whoever.  I once made it for my boss and he apparently wouldn't share a single bit of it with his wife! It is delicious, highly "moreish" and super simple to make - like SUPER simple.  Plus it has pistachios and cranberries in it so it's practically a health food!

I use the "Gourmet Rocky Road" recipe from Taste.  You can find it here.

I also put together a little "Tis the Season" gift tag which you can download here.  You can either double-side print it or attach two labels, which is what I did because I didn't have access to a printer which would do double-sided printing. Either way looks good.

If I don't pop back in here before Christmas, I wish you and your family the very best Christmas, full of joy, good health, love, peace and quality time spent with loved ones ... plus lots of Rocky Road - 'tis the season after all! xxx

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Classmate Gift with FREE printable tag

Sadly, it is time for my son to say good-bye to his Canadian classmates this week as our 6 month break in Canada draws to a close.  He has been with this new class since September and apart from a bit of a rough day on Day 1, he has absolutely loved it and will genuinely miss his new-found friends. We wanted to give them all a little something before we left and we thought this simple, inexpensive and sugar-free gift would be just "write".

If you want to put together these fun little pencils yourself, you can download the printed tag here.  PS: I left off "Merry Christmas" on the free printable tag so you can use it all year round. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I like Goats, Green Tea Ice-cream and Sparkly Shoes. Who Am I?

I am Emma Watkins.  The Yellow Wiggle!

Did you know that about Emma?  No?  Neither did I but recently I was very lucky (and very excited) to have a little chat with her about her new life with The Wiggles and I found out lots of interesting things about her and the way she spends her days. Not only is she gorgeous and bright and bubbly, and in my opinion the perfect complement to the existing group, she works like a horse, has an insanely busy schedule and tours and sleeps in a bus with 12 bunk beds! That, in itself, travelling in a bus with a bunch of "Wigglers", is no mean feat and would take a very special kind of person.  Read on to find out more about Emma - a very special person and Wiggle indeed.
How did you feel the moment you stepped on to the stage as “the Yellow Wiggle”?

Our first show as Wiggles was up at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast and Simon, Lachy and I were so nervous. As soon as we came out on stage though all the children were dancing, so I think we felt relieved. The most amazing thing for me that show were some children yelled out my name and firstly I couldn't work out how they knew my name. It didn’t occur to me that children knew my name and I still get startled when I hear my name being called out. Most of all, it was an absolute honour to step out as a Wiggle for the first time. Wearing the yellow skivvy after looking up to Greg Wiggle when I was little is just a dream come true.

The Wiggles are older than you, which means you must’ve grown up watching them – now you’re one of them! Is that crazily surreal at times?

I am 25 years old and the former Wiggles are 24 years running so I was part of the original generation of fans! At the age of 6, The Wiggles were in town performing their stage show called "Wiggledance" and Mum had taken my sister Hayley, our friend Kate and me to watch The Wiggles. That particular concert was also being filmed to make into a DVD so the audience were told they may be filmed. Sure enough we all got copies of the VHS at the time and towards the end during the song 'Wags the Dog' the cameras cut away to the audience dancing and there you see my sister and I jumping next to our friend Kate all in matching dresses that Mum made, how embarrassing! Now when I think of this concert and wearing the yellow skivvy now I feel so honoured to continue this amazing wiggly journey.

You have definitely stolen the hearts of your littlest fans – do you have every toddler in town recognising you in the street, or can you get around incognito once the yellow costume is off?

It’s definitely started to become more apparent! More often it’s the parents and the grandparents and I have had a few approach me to say ‘Thank you’ for giving them some peace and quiet in the mornings. If I’m dressed up it’s excitement everywhere but when I'm not in yellow I get noticed because of my red hair!

It’s lovely to see you, as one of the most recent members to join the group and the first female, as the focus on the new Wiggles DVD “Emma's Bowtiful Day!”.  You must feel honoured and very proud.  Do you pinch yourself sometimes?

It is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me! I think particularly because I used to watch The Wiggles when I was little, sometimes it feels so bizarre. But what an honour to not only wear the yellow skivvy after my favourite wiggle, Greg, but to have the opportunity to carry on the wiggly legend and music for future generations of children. 

On the new DVD "Emma's Bowtiful Day!" there are a selection of episodes from our first TV series of "Ready, Steady, Wiggle!" I was able to choose some of my favourite and one in particular 'Excuse Meow!' where we were on set and Greg Wiggle just dropped in to say hello that day on set and we realised that we both knew how to speak a little bit of Dutch. So he taught me an old Dutch nursery rhyme, 'Poesje Mauw', about a little kitten drinking milk and it was one of the nicest moments where Greg and I got to sing together and I just had to put this episode on the DVD, such a lovely memory.

This is probably an odd question but how much thought went into the design of your Wiggles costume, being that you are the first ever Australian female Wiggle?  I, for one, love that it is a very conservative design, that it complements the boys’ outfits beautifully and is not in any way “showy”.

Oh wow, thank you! Well, Anthony asked me straight off ‘what do you want to wear?’ and because I never wore pants ever (and I've never owned a pair of jeans) we thought it would be more appropriate to wear a skirt. Before I was a Wiggle I always wore bows in my hair so I asked if I could include that too. For the big Australian arena show I have added sparkles to my shoes and bows which is just the most exciting addition for me. I guess you can never have too much sparkle.

The Wiggles tour of the US and Canada looked pretty hectic and must’ve been gruelling on all of you.  How do you prepare yourself for a tour and maintain your health, fitness and energy (especially your energy!) during the touring months?

It’s a really big touring schedule where we tour around Australia and internationally for about 8 months of the year! For the last two years in particular we have been touring immensely and when we are back in Australia we have been filming new DVDs and episodes for our TV series "Ready, Steady, Wiggle!" For me, over the last three years, I have changed my fitness and diet quite a lot, realising what works for me. I make sure I eat yummy, real, healthy food and changing up my exercise between shows and even between tours. I have a dance background and lately I’ve been revisiting my love for dance to keep my fitness between shows. I have been doing a ballet barre at least every day, a bit of pointe to keep up my strength and pilates when I can fit it in. 

How do you relax between shows while on tour?

There isn’t a lot of time in between the shows as this year sometimes we have had four shows a day. But all year I’ve been working quite intensely on my ballet training so in between the shows I have been strengthening my feet by practising pointe exercises in my dressing room. This year I have been through 10 pairs of pointe shoes already and I try to decorate them each in their own unique style. 

What does a normal work-day look like for you?

Well, it just isn’t, but on tour the days do start to get a rhythm. When we tour North America we travel and sleep on a big tour bus that has 12 bunk beds. So normally we would arrive at the theatre about midday for a sound check, then get ready for a meet and greet with some children who may have special needs or are competition winners. Then do one show at 3:30pm then relax, dinner and warm up again for a second show at 6pm. A little bit of after show food on the bus then we will travel on average about 8 hours during the night and when we wake up we are in a new city! Sometimes if we are early into the next city we might pop into hotel rooms for a few hours. Then it’s brekkie, a quick ballet barre warm up then I have time to do my hair and makeup ready to start all over again.

What did you do before your days of “toot, toot, chugga chugging and driving the big red car” (and before your other Wiggles roles)?

May I say that driving the Big Red Car is one of the most exciting things I've ever had to do! I started ballet and Irish dancing after seeing the wiggly dancers on the early Wiggles shows. Ever since I have been learning all different styles of dancing, including jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop etc. Just before I started wiggling I was dancing in India for some Bollywood film premieres, studying film editing at Sydney Film School and teaching dance in my spare time.

Name three of your most favourite things?

Goats! I love goats, particularly baby goats. I’ve always wanted one as a pet.
Green tea ice cream - it’s my favourite flavour and it’s never too rich.
Giraffes - I know I chose two animals but I love animals, so much so I sponsor the giraffes at Taronga Zoo. They are just so elegant, beautiful and have the longest eye lashes!!!

So, there you have it. Straight from the Yellow Wiggle herself. Isn't she amazing? And how completely funny, and ironic, that she unwittingly featured in a Wiggles concert DVD when she was just 6 six years old.  To become a Wiggle was her destiny.  No doubt about it. I think we will see her wiggling, giggling, twirling and sparkling until her hair turns a greyer shade of red.  I know her little fans around the world would be happy about that!

Thank you, Roadshow Entertainment, for the opportunity to speak to Emma - it was enlightening, uplifting and full of warm, fuzzy, wiggly fun! 

Be sure to check out Emma's new DVD, "Emma's Bowtiful Day!" - the perfect stocking filler this Christmas!!