Floral Friday : In a Vase

Friday, August 1, 2014

Well, we arrived safely in Canada and have been here for just under two weeks.  It is so beautiful at this time of the year (we normally come in Winter so it's a lovely change for us), everything is so lush and green and pretty flowers are everywhere - both in gardens and growing wildly.  I've never seen so many vivid colours and pretty flowers in such abundance.  Coming from an Australian coastal environment, it's a refreshing change for us and a bit of a novelty.  I can't stop taking photos of flowers - my husband thinks I've become quite the botanist!

We are also very lucky to have a great walking trail behind our cottage.  It is heaven.  Both for walking, cycling and for looking at pretty wild flowers.  I was going to go and pick a whole bunch of different flowers and arrange them in a vase for this month's Floral Friday "In a Vase" theme but I will save those for another day.  This month's hero has to be my Mother-in-Law's hydrangeas.  They are the most impressive hydrangeas I've ever seen and are huge, perfectly formed and so healthy.  I have no idea of the variety but I know they are the nicest and biggest ones I've ever seen.  I couldn't resist showing them off.  

What do you think? Have you ever seen such heavenly hydrangeas?

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  1. Definitely the most impressive hydrangeas I've ever seen!!

  2. Gosh, heavenly indeed! They're so beautiful and I love the simplicity and elegance of your arrangement. Sounds like you're having a great time in Canada. So happy to hear that. Enjoy the walks and flowers and all the loveliness x

  3. Oh, they are wonderful, yes! Sounds like a lovely vacation!

  4. Gosh! I wish my hydrangeas looked that good. one of my favourites, they are such a good bloom to have in a vase because they are so full! Beautiful blog too. I'll be sure to pop back again soon - Just started following you on Facebook :)

  5. wow! just lovely hydrangeas i ever did see. and the vase you chose looks just right.

  6. Your heavenly hydrangeas are like huge, silky snowballs in summer; perfect for your usually winter visit to my beloved country of birth!


  7. The hydrangeas are so very pretty and such a lovely show in the garden and the vase.
    Must be beautiful going on walks and seeing all the wonderful flowers.
    Happy weekend

  8. Hi Nikki
    It is the perfect white mop head hydrangea!
    They are the most wonderful flowers to cut for vases.
    Love your post

  9. Wow - this white ball is so pretty!

  10. Oh hydrangeas are my absolute favourite and those are breathtakingly stunning. xx

  11. Those hydrangeas are perfectly beautiful. It is very huge!