A Lemonade Stand

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My son has wanted to have a Lemonade Stand for a very long time now. For one reason or another (and one excuse or another - from me!) it has never happened.  Now that we are in Canada and living in the absolute perfect location to hold a little stand, there really was no excuse - and I have to admit, having a stand has always looked like a bit of fun. 

We decided to set up on the walking/cycling trail behind our cottage - it was a long weekend so we knew it would be busy with cyclists and walkers out enjoying the sunshine and their time off.  We didn't spend hours preparing a flash stand, or use freshly squeezed lemons and home-made lemonade, because it was about the kids, their experience and just having fun, rather than about me and my pedantic ways!  We went very basic and bought frozen lemonade which, when water is added, makes well over a litre - and it actually tasted very good and got lots of "Mmmmm, is this home-made?" and "Did you squeeze your own lemons?" comments.  Plus we were pretty sure all the cyclists would want would be icy cold lemonade to quench their thirst. We successfully fooled them.

It was a beautiful morning.  My son had a blast and manned the stand all morning with only one toilet break.  We met some lovely people too.  And guess how much he made?  $25!  Well, $22.50 when you take out his expenses of two cans of $1.25 lemonade (the flowers were from the trail, the lemons were just props and everything else was gathered from here).  I didn't have the heart to tell him my hourly rate ...

Now guess what he wants to do next weekend?


  1. Oh my Lordy, just too adorable those two! What a gorgeous thing to do. Happy memories xx

  2. Thanks Shae! And it was fun too ... don't know why I waited so long. x

  3. What an absolutely gorgeous thing to do with the kids. Thats memory making stuff right there! xx

    1. Thanks Sonia - yep, they had a lot of fun and are still talking about it! Mum had fun too. :)