To Work or not to Work ... that is the question

Friday, May 9, 2014

Hello lovely people!

I'm really not a very good blogger, am I?  I've been quiet for so long and it feels like ages since I've posted anything.  Life has just been so busy these past few months and I simply haven't had any spare time to sit down and devote to this little hobby of mine, which is a shame (a big, fat one) but sometimes you've just got to realise that not everything is possible and life has to be prioritised.  I do hope to get back into the swing of things soon.  I hope you are patient and stick around.

I have managed something, though, behind the scenes.  The very gorgeous Trishie, from the Under Lock & Key blog asked me how I combine working with motherhood.  So I told her.  Here is my story, featured today on her blog.  Check out her blog while you're there - it's beautiful.


  1. Great story & I can vouch you do both jobs perfectly!

  2. Thanks again Nikki for sharing your story. I loved reading it lots and you have given me some ideas on how to combine work and motherhood, should i decide to go back to work. Hope you had a really wonderful Mother's Day!!!

  3. It was a lovely post! Have a great week! Nicole