Recycled Gift Tags

Monday, November 19, 2012

How seriously cute are these "Run Scotty Run" clothing tags?  Too cute to throw away, that's for sure.  Today I decided to get them out of their little tin and recycle them as special little gift tags.  I have been saving them for a while.  I'm not a hoarder, seriously (although if you saw my earlier "Monica Closet" post you would probably disagree), I just find it hard to part with things that are cute and MAY someday have another purpose.

The one side was perfect already - just a plain, bright colour - but the underneath, where the price and other information is printed, needed to be covered up. I decided to use some scrapbooking paper I already had for the underside.  I then just used a very sharp pencil, traced around the shape and using small, sharp scissors I cut it out.  I did try cutting it out with a cutting knife but I found I had less control and kept moving away from the line.  I used spray adhesive to join the two together, which worked perfectly - no messy blobbiness or residue.

Now look at them. All prettied up and ready to be used in some gift taggin' goodness! And I just happened to have a party to go to so this particular little Run Scotty Run tag had his first assignment - a one year old's birthday party ... and he performed beautifully!


How about you? Are you like me and have difficulty throwing out the "cute & adorables", keeping them for another day and another project? Or are you the "out with the old, in with the new" type?  If you are the latter, and you happen to be throwing out some RSR tags, please message me first!

Take care and enjoy the little things ...


  1. I'm all for re-use and re-purposing. These scotty dog tags are too cute to throw away!

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  2. These are adorable! And I love how you put the name on the gift!