Christmas Gift Wrapping

Friday, November 23, 2012

One of my beautiful craft BFF's always, always, always wraps her presents beautifully.  It doesn't matter what the occasion - it could be a one year old's birthday, a Kris Kringle or just a random gift, her wrapping is impeccable, always, without fail.  She probably wouldn't know this but after seeing the effort she put into wrapping my son's first birthday present four years ago, I made a quiet pact with myself to lift my gift-wrapping game and to add a bit of personality, love and "spunk" to each little parcel I gifted from that moment on. 

For the past few years I have been approaching Christmas wrapping in the same way - putting a little love, thought and colour into the equation - and while I haven't decided yet what this year's wrapping theme will be, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite, totally gorgeous, Christmas wrapping "candy". 

Be warned, these images might make your heart beat a little faster than normal and you might feel compelled to break the speed limit on the way to your nearest craft store. Take a deep breath ... you'll be okay.  Honestly.


Source: Katla Adams via Nikki on Pinterest
This could easily be adapted for Christmas by just changing out the patterned paper and message.
Source: Eighteen 25 Blog via Nikki on Pinterest

Source: Eden Rose Blog via Nikki on Pinterest
Source: Older & Wisor Blog via Nikki on Pinterest
Source: Google
Source: Etsy - Vol 25 via Nikki on Pinterest
My personal fave.  How fresh & zesty is it? Source; The 36th Avenue Blog via Nikki on Pinterest
So simple but so sweeeeeeeet. Source: Older and Wisor Blog via Nikki on Pinterest
Love the big labels, handwritten names and foliage touch. Source: via Nikki on Pinterest
The little details make a big difference, don't you think?  And it doesn't have to be super fancy, super difficult or super expensive.  In fact, most of the above are super simple & really quite plain but they just "feel" all loved up and cleverly crafty (have you worked out I have a bit of a thing for Kraft paper?).
How about you?  Have you got Christmas all "wrapped up"?
Take care and enjoy the Christmas lead up.


  1. I love love love love love this post Nikki!
    Please help a friend in a remote place with only a BP servo and a "totes dodge" shop. Can you imagine my choice in gift wrap? Any online craft places you can suggest where I can get bulk brown paper, string and other funky bits and pieces??
    Jo Blake - Leinster (400km from a real life shop)

    1. Love, love, love that you commented! It's so sweet of you. There are heaps of online craft stores and I look at way toooooo many of them. For bulk Kraft paper, Officeworks is always good and reasonable - I buy nearly all of my fun, cutesy, gorgeous stuff from Etsy - but a couple of other ovely sites are - and Enjoy shopping - I just hope the credit card can handle it! xxx

  2. Hey Jo Blake - Don't limit your googling efforts to craft stores, you can also find these things at online florist stores.

    Good Luck :)

    I also live remote, I would say 900km from a real life shop ;-)