Sandwich Bag Photo Album

Monday, October 22, 2012

Today's post is brought to you by "Bob Basic" - he may be a fairly simple kinda guy but he's sturdy, strong and always reliable.  He brings you "The Sandwich Bag Photo Album".

My little girl adores photos and spends quite a bit of time checking out photo's on my phone (I have 731 - is that too many?), in my albums and the ones displayed around our home.  She likes to take the framed photos from our hall table and wander around the house with them - kissing them, pointing out who's who, calling out their names - but she's a toddler and she's rough, and clumsy and she often drops them too.  (This photo was taken just yesterday on my phone for my Mum & Dad who are away at the moment - she grabbed their photo and kissed it.  Awww.)

So, to encourage her photo fascination and her love of family (and to discourage her breaking my frames!), I made her up her very own, "child-proof" little "album" using 18cm  x 17cm sandwich bags.

The photos in the album are random family photos printed very basically on my printer.  I did not take much time with the selection process - maybe 10 mins at the most.  This is one of those projects that doesn't need to be painstakingly time-consuming or particularly perfect.  It is, afterall, for little (more often than not, grubby) hands. 

Just for something different, I printed out the photos then tore around the edges, rather than cutting (I have no idea why probably just adding to the whole rustic'ness of it all).  I made up a square template on plain copy paper and typed in the family member's name/s.  I then pasted the photo on to the square, cut it out and slipped it into a sandwich bag.  I have a total of 22 photos in my album but you can do whatever number suits you.  The bags are then held simply together with a ribbon.  Basic but so practical, and absolutely perfect for little hands who like to pull, rip, throw, chew and generally mistreat (not always intentionally) this type of thing.

To respect my family's privacy, I have covered over their names (not everyone wants their name in lights!)


I actually made one of these for my son four years ago and it's still in the toy box, still together, and is still being flicked through.  Gotta heart that. 

Take care, enjoy your family and if you think you might like to make an album up yourself, let me know and I will email you the template.

Yours, "Bob"


  1. Cute! :) & 730 is not too many at all - depending how old they are.. Lol. I transfer well over 1500every couple of months.

    1. Thanks Aimee! Oh, transferring? Yes, I should get onto that. Thanks for taking the time to have a read and comment. x

  2. Oh I would love the template please! My email is
    Thanks so much, love your ideas and this one is quick and easy.