Door-knob "Hooks"

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I have never really had a designated spot to hang our bags and inevitably they would end up thrown over a dining chair, dumped on the floor or just left somewhere they shouldn't be.

After seeing this little gem of an idea on Jen Jones' I-Heart Organizing blog, I knew this was something I could replicate and I already had the perfect spot for it - right by the entrance door from the garage.  Perfect.  My dining chairs would finally be spared the indents left from the weight of the bags hanging off their corners and my floor would be free of bag (and eye) clutter.

It was a very simple and relatively quick project.  I pinched a piece of spare skirting board my Dad had laying around, which my husband cut to size, and then chose some cute little ceramic door knobs from My Love Story on E-bay for $6.65 each (plus postage, which does almost double the cost - shhhh, I didn't tell my husband that little worthless tidbit of information).  I painted the skirting using leftover paint from my bed makeover and gave it three coats. 

Ceramic door knobs
I then measured out in pencil where I needed the holes drilled for the knobs and then hand-balled the project to my hubster.  Using a masonry drill bit, he pre-drilled 5 holes in the skirting and the wall, inserted wall plugs and then just screwed the knobs onto the board and into the wall.  They sit in their new home nice and snug and are very strong.  Job done.  Our bags are now not only off the floor but are hanging from some very fancy-smancy "hooks".  Wife very happy.  And you know what they say - "Happy Wife, Happy Life".

To give you an idea of where the hooks sit (just as we walk in from the garage).
How about you?  Have you used something in a way that it was not necessarily intended?  Do share - I'd love to hear about it.


  1. What a gorgeous little project! I love it! I'm so uncreative and lacking in imagination that I couldn't possibly think of something other than what things are intended for.

    1. Thank you, Kate and you are too funny. That's what following blogs is all about - seeking out the creativity and imagination and then giving it a go. Go on, I dare you. x

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