A Garden Tea Party

Monday, January 27, 2014

We celebrated my daughter's 3rd birthday last week and the theme was "A Garden Tea Party".  Her last "big birthday bash" was when she turned one so I thought it might be the right time for another little celebration, something small, sweet and focused on her.  We don't do big birthday parties every year (which I've blogged about before, here and here) and even when we do have a party, it's usually a small affair with just a handful of kids.  This year, for my daughter, I wanted it to be just her little friends, not siblings of friends, not older kids and not her brother's friends.  Just a small few that she sees on a regular basis.  There were 5 gorgeous little ones in total - and it was the perfect amount.
They drank "tea" together, from real tea cups, they played together and they crafted together, making themselves a very flash garden tea party hat out of a paper plate and a paper bowl.  Such clever little beans.  And at the end of the party their little party favour was their very own, super-girly, super-cute, super-special tea cup.  It was the perfect morning and a really lovely setting for a little girl's party.  Here's a little look at her special day ...

Sneaking in a bit of drinking practice

Even big brother wanted in on the action

Our very own Alice in Wonderland
Let the hat-making begin!

Not quite how it should be worn
The perfectly floral and girly teacup party favour

Adorable teapot and teacup cupcakes.  Sooooo cute.

The End.

What special party theme's have you done for your kids? And have you enjoyed the day as much as them?  I certainly did and would say it was my favourite theme yet ... but who knows what future birthdays will hold!  Any suggestions?


  1. Oh Nikki, I am sitting here with MAJOR girl envy going on right now! What a gorgeous party for a little girl and you made everything so beautiful for her. Well done to you sweet mama. xx

    1. Thanks Sonia! Yep, it was a F-U-N day alright. Lots of pink, lots of frills and lots of girly fabulousness. Loved it. x PS: not up your boys' alley?!

  2. This is adorable! Five really is a good number when the birthday child is under 5. Any more and it's just such a frazzling experience, but it looks like you really enjoyed it. All your detailing is lovely and your little girl looks so thrilled. Well done to you! x

    PS - I LOVE your backyard!!!

    1. Oh, I'd for sure be frazzled with a bigger bunch of kids - small is good for this Mumma! Thanks so much for your lovely comment and for stopping by. Yep, my kids love their backyard too! x

  3. Hey!! I found this garden party really cute. The children are enjoying this day. The cupcakes are incredible. The top is decorated amazingly. I really loved it. Going to throw a tea party at one of Chicago event venues. Will have these cupcakes there.