Ho, Ho, Ho! It's a Giveaway : "Saving Santa" DVD

Monday, December 2, 2013


Hi everyone - just popping in real quick to let you know I've got another great little giveaway happening right this minute.  It's the "Saving Santa" (Adventures of a Time Travelling Elf) DVD from those wonderful people at Roadshow Entertainment (love those guys!) and this time it's actually about Christmas.  The perfect DVD for this time of the year and one you can watch together with your kids in the lead up to this very special, family time of year.  It would also make a fantastic stocking filler or, and this is what I've done for the past couple of years, pop a little note in their Advent Calendar (if you do one), which reads "Christmas Movie Night".  Then surprise them with the new DVD!  Perfect, and no lollies in sight ... although some popcorn would be kinda cool to go with the movie ... 
This is what my 6 year old son had to say about "Saving Santa":

Me:  "Did you like it?"
Him: "Yep."
Me: "Would you watch it again?"
Him: "Yep."
Me: "What was your favourite part?"
Him: "When the baddies turned into goodies.  No, wait, actually it was when the girl, who the boy loves, sang a song.  I think she loves him too."

And, FYI, he has watched it now four times since we got it in the mail last week.  Must be good.

Here's a quick synopsis:
An upbeat tale of the ultimate holiday rush, Saving Santa starts at the top – the top of the North Pole, that is – where Bernard, a low-ranking Elf, dreams of one day joining Santa’s elite team of great inventors, the very elves who make the magic of Christmas possible! But when one of Bernard’s wacky inventions accidentally reveals the secret location of Santa’s workshop to an eccentric billionaire scoundrel, Santa and Christmas itself are in jeopardy. It’s up to Bernard to time-travel (again and again) to get Santa home in time for Christmas! Source

You can enter below via Rafflecopter, and I've got 4 copies to give away so your chances of a win are pretty good - consider it an early Christmas present from me!!  Merry Christmas!!
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