Days of the Week {Printable}

Monday, October 21, 2013

Last week when I dropped my son off at school, and after we'd said our goodbyes, he quickly ran back to the car and said, "Mum, Mum - can you please make me up the days of the week so I can put them in my bedroom and then I will know what day it is and what day is Wednesday so I can prepare myself for Waratah?".  Waratah is where he goes on Wednesdays for after-school care, and he intensely dislikes it.  I felt a little sad (and a big bit bad) knowing he feels he needs to "prepare" for this one day (and about one hour at that) but at the same time I thought "what a good idea" and "what a smart little boy I have".
As soon as I got home from work that day, he asked if I had done them yet.  I hadn't - but the very next day, Thursday, I got onto it, knowing I needed to have something ready for when he got home.  At first I wasn't sure how I was going to display the days.  I knew I wanted something that would sit on his bedside table and could easily be changed from one day to the next.  It took a good couple of hours of thinking time, and a good couple of coffees, before I came up with the solution.  I decided to make up the days the same size as a standard photo and then pop them into one of those flip-style photo albums, you know the ones that sit up on their own?  It was perfect and I just happened to have one of those exact albums sitting in a box not being used.  Ah, love those little moments when something comes together in a colourful little flash. 
The Facebook pic
I actually wasn't going to do a blog post about it but then I popped a photo on my blog Facebook page and it generated such a lot of interest that I thought perhaps some of you out there may have kids who also need to "prepare" themselves, and if so, here's the printable for you.  Album not supplied. :)
My son is very happy with our joint effort and it's the first thing he looks at when he wakes up in the morning.  So, who knows, this coming Wednesday might be a much better day for him - such a simple little thing to us but perhaps a big deal to him.  I'm expecting good things!