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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Last month my Mum asked me to make her a bag.  So I did.  She wanted it in black and white (to match her bathers ... watch out Europe!) and just big enough to hold her sunscreen, sunglasses and phone.  She would be spending a fair bit of time around the many beautiful pools of Europe so a cool little bag was on the list.  It had been ages since I'd made a bag - I think the last one might have been the Tea-Towel Totes - so it was a good excuse to get the machine out and do something I hadn't done before.
I googled away and found this really lovely free "Reversible Messenger Bag" pattern and tutorial from Crazy Little Projects.  I love that there are so many free patterns available on the net.  It makes the whole process super-easy.
The tutorial was very easy to follow, had good bright photos and the bag was easy to make and would be suitable for a beginner level sewer.  Once I started, it came together very quickly.  I chose two patterned drill fabrics for a little added sturdiness.  Personally, I wouldn't have chosen black & white for myself but I actually really liked the way it turned out. I cut out one of the birds and top-stitched it onto the front of the flap, just to add a little something extra to the bag.  I also have a bit of a "thing" for the selvedge edge (for non-sewing people - it is the edge of the fabric which has the name of the fabric printed onto it and is normally discarded). I included it in the design of the bag - I like the added character it gives and it just seems a waste to cut it off. And because the bag is reversible if it gets dirty or Mum gets bored with the pattern, she can reverse it out for a completely new look ... which, of course, is very important when you're flitting around the European coast!

And guess what? Here's my very stylish Mumma proudly showing off her bag in Cyprus (seriously, how good does she look for a granny in her late 60's?!).  She tells me it's holding up well and even fits her I-pad mini ... which of course you totally need while flitting around the resorts of Europe because you miss your kids like C-R-A-Z-Y (crazy!) and need to constantly look at their beautiful photos to keep from missing them too much! Teeheehee.

Enjoy your holiday, Mum (and Dad), we miss you, the kids miss you and we can't wait to catch up when you return.  Oh, and did I mention I might need a new bag too?  Ummm, hand-made, Italian leather ...

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