Learning with Ladybugs {free template}

Thursday, January 3, 2013

While I was doing my Christmas shopping a few weeks back, I came across so many
gorgeous little learning games & activities and of course I wanted to buy them all but I had bought so much already that I just had to stop looking!  One particular little game made it all the way to the counter with me but while I was waiting to pay for it I had enough time to work out that I could probably make my own version - saving myself some money (I really had spent enough already) and allowing myself some fun "Martha" indulgence!

This is the little learning game that inspired me - a colourful and bright colour-matching game using ladybugs and leaves.  It can also be used for simple sums - counting the bugs in and out of the bag - or for just plain old imaginative play - "look, the ladybugs are hiding under the leaves", "the ladybugs are going on an adventure" etc.  So cutesy and fun - I was sold straight away.

This is how I put my version together.  I did have a "supplies" photo to add here but I accidentally deleted all my project photos from my camera and was only able to recover some of them. :(
  • I drew a leaf in Word as my template - which you can download here if you like :)
  • I drew a ladybug in Word as my template - also downloadable here :)
  • I printed the ladybugs onto white fabric (I actually used bits of an old bed sheet) using my home printer (yes, you read correctly - on my printer!  I will explain how to do this further down)
  • I cut out the ladybugs and made them into buttons using a fabric covered buttons kit
  • I cut out four different coloured leaves from felt.  I used two sheets of felt for my leaves and sewed them together but if you prefer a "no sew" option then just use a single sheet of felt and draw on the detail with a paint pen
  • I made a basic little drawstring bag to contain it all otherwise the ladybugs would for sure fly off to foreign lands never to be seen again!
Ladybugs printed directly onto the fabric!

And that's it.  I'm pretty sure it's the cutest little thing I have ever made.

Now, for the very exciting, very clever, very sneaky "print on fabric" bit.  It really is super easy and I have no idea why I haven't tried it before.  You just cut up a piece of fabric (thin is preferable) to A4 size and stick it to a piece of A4 paper using spray adhesive.  Make sure the fabric and paper are nicely stuck together with no bubbles.  Pop it in your print tray and print.  Ta da!  You've just printed on fabric!  Oh, think of the possibilities!  And, because our little bugs are going to be well handled, I gave them a very light spray of hairspray to seal the ink otherwise it would probably end up rubbing off.

So there you have it.  A very cute, colourful, home-made "ladybug-love" learning activity perfect for little hands and minds.  Do you think you would make something like this yourself?  Please make sure you share if you do - I'd love to see your version!


  1. Adorable! Thanks for linking to my link party! :)

  2. Hey there! I came over from the IHeart Organizing link up and found this post - brilliant idea to print on fabric! I've never tried that before, but I'm thinking I may need to now. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Hi Chaney! Thanks so much for stopping by AND for commenting (you would know how good for the soul that is?). I know, how great is it that you can print on fabric from your normal home printer? I love it. Just be sure to stick the fabric to the paper really well otherwise it can bunch up. Your blog is gorgeous, by the way. x

  3. So cute! I'm going to pin this for a future project (next time we're learning about insects). Thanks for the info about printing on fabric. I've been wanting to experiment with that as well.