I am a Mumma of two, a wife to one and we live in a sleepy little beach-side community on the West Australian coast. 

I am neither a SAHM, a WAHM or a WOHM - I am a MSAHMAASAWM ... a "Mostly Stay-at-Home Mum and a Sometimes-at-Work Mum", which I just totally made up (does an acronym exist for someone such as me?). I work part-time two days a week in a role I have been doing since before having my kids, for which I feel very fortunate.

 I have a "thing" for old chairs, an aversion to scalloped hemlines, a massive dislike of labels that leave a sticky residue. I leave washing in the machine way too long and I am a bit of a clean freak - although since having kids I have had to settle for a tidy freak.  I love smelling my children, and I strive for a cosy house.

This blog will be my creative place to play, to dwell, to learn, to document, to perhaps inspire and definitely be inspired. It will be my creative outlet to share with you those times I do manage to find "a little bit of quiet" and to show you "what I do with it".  I hope you, too, will share yours.


  1. Well done you. It really is FABULOUS

  2. Wow Nikki! Totally amazing ! I look forward to the next entry :)


  3. So nice to discover your blog Nikki - love it - am off to pin a bunch of things

    1. Thanks again, Deb (I left a reply in the Personal Planner post too). I'm off to "like" your page! x